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             N -- N -- N (7fec3030d46b2c35c34d90507feab253cddb9c01)

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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

commit 7fec3030d46b2c35c34d90507feab253cddb9c01
Author: Tom Tsou <tom.tsou at ettus.com>
Date:   Sun Mar 6 22:33:20 2016 -0800

    EDGE: Combine shared GMSK and 8-PSK demodulator sections
    Timing recovery and single tap channel compensation are identical
    in both GMSK and EDGE receivers. This is the section ahead of and
    including the optional 4-1 downsampler. GMSK and EDGE specific
    sections operate at 1 SPS.
    Signed-off-by: Tom Tsou <tom.tsou at ettus.com>


commit af717b2d3c7fd9197edec715c3c0be70697c591a
Author: Tom Tsou <tom.tsou at ettus.com>
Date:   Sun Mar 6 22:19:15 2016 -0800

    EDGE: Add random burst generator filler option
    When EDGE is enabled with the '-e' option, the random burst generator
    switches from GMSK normal bursts to 8-PSK EDGE bursts.
      $ ./osmo-trx -e -r 7
    Signed-off-by: Tom Tsou <tom.tsou at ettus.com>


commit 8ee2f38a87df07462467865cde16ab7e7508bd0e
Author: Tom Tsou <tom.tsou at ettus.com>
Date:   Sun Mar 6 20:57:34 2016 -0800

    sigproc: Add various GSM burst generators
    Setup generators for empty, random, and dummy bursts. This moves error
    prone burst length handling out of the Transceiver and into the signal
    processing core.
    Signed-off-by: Tom Tsou <tom.tsou at ettus.com>


commit 4dfd64aa9e76af012b3cc0b6a73bbbcf3644d8e1
Author: Tom Tsou <tom.tsou at ettus.com>
Date:   Sun Mar 6 20:31:51 2016 -0800

    sigproc: Always use 625 sample length bursts with 4 SPS
    At 4 samples per symbol, we don't need to maintain the 156/157 sample
    slot structure to account for the GSM 156.25 sample burst length.
    Set the 4 SPS Laurent modulator to ignore the guard interval setting
    and always output 625 sample sized bursts. The EDGE 8-PSK modulator
    already has this behavior.
    Signed-off-by: Tom Tsou <tom.tsou at ettus.com>


commit b0aefcbf47ed2eec1e4f3fd9bed72dde999913bf
Author: Tom Tsou <tom.tsou at ettus.com>
Date:   Sun Mar 6 03:44:34 2016 -0800

    EDGE: Add interfaces to enable EDGE transceiver
    Create EDGE slot type in the Transceiver. When EDGE mode is enabled
    for a particular slot, blind detection will be performed by
    correlating against EDGE followed by normal bursts if no EDGE burst
    is found.
    Signed-off-by: Tom Tsou <tom.tsou at ettus.com>


Summary of changes:
 Transceiver52M/Transceiver.cpp | 2 +-
 Transceiver52M/sigProcLib.h    | 5 +++++
 2 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

OpenBTS' transceiver retro-fit

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