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commit b0555799e24c9ef5d4296b8a658cd467a33c60c5
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Tue Jun 21 20:04:05 2016 +0200

    dyn PDCH: lc15: complete for litecell15-bts: implement bts_model_ts_*()
    Analogous to 63b296bdd9a25134ee61ce6f269750e796a8bfca on osmo-bts-sysmo.
    Implement bts_model_ts_disconnect() by sending an MphDisconnect message to L1.
    Pass a disconnect callback to invoke dyn_pdch_ts_disconnected() in
    Implement bts_model_ts_connect() by calling ts_connect_as(). Pass a connect cb
    to invoke dyn_pdch_connected() in common/rsl.c.
    Change-Id: I8c8c3244c726fd6055cedb22ee11706994ff9cd4


commit 4cfa2728d4d73704d0dcd8c142ce92059f8954aa
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Tue Jun 21 19:58:17 2016 +0200

    dyn PDCH: lc15: handle TCH/F_PDCH init like TCH/F
    Analogous to 57fc1124e1649fa2b08ef143697689aca4677625 on osmo-bts-sysmo.
    Change-Id: If65c5a86cbc1b5556b71de8a6744d92113fbbcba


commit f8d908ab333bda3fb4bff10bbb90ff414a52a4e8
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Tue Jun 21 19:56:47 2016 +0200

    dyn PDCH: lc15: add ts_connect_as(), absorbing ts_connect() guts
    Analogous to 294fbe104b9fb12f06f7cebe68a4b7a6ed28d5ef on osmo-bts-sysmo.
    For upcoming dyn PDCH switching, I want to be able to set the pchan dynamically
    upon ts_connect() and not continue with OPSTART ACK, but with the dyn PDCH.
    Thus recoin ts_connect(ts) to ts_connect_as(ts, pchan, cb) and leave
    ts_connect() as a thin wrapper to leave init code unchanged.
    Change-Id: I7a27193168f83e8c40b6e54d1842f4502d0475e5


commit 1322e479226063af0a363bbbebae332b057f8602
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Tue Jun 21 21:25:59 2016 +0200

    dyn PDCH: lc15: chan_nr_by_sapi(): handle TCH/F_PDCH according to ts->flags
    Analogous to 0d10f0e482cdd50acc916e75a8b3ba1beb94227c on osmo-bts-sysmo.
    According to the PDCH Active flag, handle a TS as TCH/F or PDCH.
    Change-Id: I0c97b360136f76bdae8d70d06af9a31fdf75c1ba


commit e174d20c5cfc06fecce4a861dc5f7ac52535e463
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Tue Jun 21 19:47:26 2016 +0200

    lc15: add L3 handle to l1prim messages
    Analogous to 7158c2ed082eaca6063a501e490e8d3c3b181560 in osmo-bts-sysmo.
    Place a layer 3 handle into GSM L1 messages to better match up confirmations to
    respective requests. This handle is a uint32_t transparently returned in the
    confirmation messages, so a match-up is easy to add.
    So far, a GSM L1 confirmation message received for a preceding L1 Request was
    matched only by the prim_id. That meant that only one instance of the same
    primitive could be waiting for a confirmation at any given time, or the
    responses would get mixed up: the struct wait_l1_conf instances entered into
    the fl1h->wlc_list queue would be returned to a possibly mismatching
    confirmation handler. (Seen during testing of dyn pdch switching.)
    Send the hLayer3 handle out via prim_init(), using new static functions to
    produce handles on different scopes:
    * l1p_handle_for_trx()
    * l1p_handle_for_ts()
    * l1p_handle_for_lchan()
    (These could possibly move to a more general .h/.c file later.)
    Remember the hLayer3 handle in
    * struct wait_l1_conf.
    Match the incoming confirmations' and stored hLayer3 handles up in, and remove
    a now obsolete comment from:
    * is_prim_compat()
    Since the hLayer3 members are at different byte offsets in
    GsmL1_Prim_t.u.*, use large switch statements to set/get the value:
    * In prim_init(), extend existing switch statement to set in GsmL1_Prim_t.
    * Add l1p_get_hLayer3() to retrieve from GsmL1_Prim_t (could possibly move to a
    more general .h/.c file later).
    Note that some messages are already using the hLayer3 handle, and will
    overwrite it after calling prim_init(), so those are not affected.
    Change-Id: I17f95ba744c3e944a2241809106506f8dd1b24f0


commit 7d210770a9ef5d2e30641319dc9b304b79e80f72
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Tue Jun 21 16:41:21 2016 +0200

    fix lc15 build: put src/common/libbts.a left of -losmogsm
    When switching to the gsm_chan_t_names string list from libosmogsm,
    libosmogsm actually became a dependency of the local libbts.a.
    The breaking change is in openbsc.git 29048b2a80b5865ffc41fa4401113c5826227e23
    and came in here because gsm_data_shared.h is included from openbsc.
    Change-Id: I70e5735fc2a212305182d46a7e8485d0199ade7b


Osmocom BTS-side code (Abis, scheduling, ...)

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