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commit 027758eaa04e1b39b57b360c38f0785623fca68e
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <nhofmeyr at>
Date:   Tue Feb 23 15:10:33 2016 +0100

    ctrl if wip

commit 29309bffaba0f579c10adc09d88d8e3a3b51a00f
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <nhofmeyr at>
Date:   Tue Feb 23 14:59:43 2016 +0100

    osmo-nitb: be strict about cmdline args
    Abort upon unknown options and missing option arguments. This came to my
    attention while rewiring the -m and -M options: passing -M without argument
    would launch nitb with wrong configuration. So, rather exit immediately.
    If there are legacy options that should be ignored, they deserve an own 'case:'
    in the option switch. There are none that I'm aware of though.

commit 81780f26f3e3e94f4241edcd30bfc3180c1f2dfc
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <nhofmeyr at>
Date:   Tue Feb 23 14:57:22 2016 +0100

    osmo-nitb: cosmetic, rename to rf_ctrl_path, following mncc_sock_path
    Strictly speaking, the unix domain socket location is not a name but a path.
    The MNCC socket is called path, so it is confusing to call the ctrl socket
    a 'name'.

commit 2a3714624a442f6a7c26de784d31fe56d6c6ef32
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <nhofmeyr at>
Date:   Tue Feb 23 14:55:17 2016 +0100

    osmo-nitb: add -M to pass specific MNCC socket path
    The old -m option without argument is still available and marked deprecated,
    to not make users' lives more difficult than necessary.

commit 076fa5ad3202cb8147a61a9b222364775680a025
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <nhofmeyr at>
Date:   Tue Feb 23 14:09:38 2016 +0100

    enable telnet VTY bind address config in various binaries
    Following the 'line vty'/'bind A.B.C.D' command added in libosmocore, use the
    configured address to set the telnet bind for the VTY line. It is now possible
    to publish the VTY on a specific local interface (including aka "any").
    Implement in all of:
    In some of these main programs, move the telnet initialization below the
    configuration parsing.
    Historically, this was not a good idea for programs using bsc_init.c (aka
    bsc_bootstrap_network()), since they expected a gsm_network struct pointer in
    ((struct telnet_connection*)vty->priv)->priv, so that telnet had to be either
    initialized or replaced by a dummy struct. In the meantime, the gsm_network
    struct is not actually looked up in a priv pointer but in the static bsc_vty.c
    scope (bsc_gsmnet), so this limitation is mere legacy (even though said legacy
    is still there in an "#if 0" chunk).
    In the other binaries I have briefly looked at the init sequence dependencies
    and found no reason to initialize telnet above the config file parsing. In any
    case, I have tested every single one of abovementioned binaries to verify that
    they still parse the example config successfully and launch, allowing VTY
    connections on the configured address(es). I hope this suffices.
    In all of the above, log VTY address and port. LOGL_INFO is disabled by default
    in some of the logging scopes, and since it is a single log message right at
    program launch, I decided for the slightly more aggressive LOGL_NOTICE.


The OpenBSC GSM Base Station Controller (+MSC/HLR/SGSN)

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