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 tagged by  Neels Hofmeyr
        on  Mon Dec 12 12:50:07 2016 +0100

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Alexander Couzens (9):
      add .gitreview
      add vty call show asciidoc: generate a documentation for counters
      core/counter: add osmo_counter_dec()
      vty/osmo_counter: use name if description is NULL
      stats_statsd: use int64_t instead of int for value and delta.
      vty/show asciidoc: add user readable description of the version
      vty/show asciidoc: counters: improve table headers
      timer: only call the callback if not NULL
      gsm0408: add chreq_type for CHREQ_T_PDCH_ONE_PHASE and CHREQ_T_PDCH_TWO_PHASE

Anatoly Orlov (1):
      libosmocodec link fix on MacOSX

Arran Cudbard-Bell (2):
      Ignore config.cache
      Fix build for OSX

Beshr Al Nahas (1):
      Fixing build on Mac OSX

Daniel Willmann (2):
      gprs: Increase NS_ALLOC_SIZE to 3k
      vty: Skip printing non-initialized log categories

Harald Welte (38):
      GSUP: Add OSMO_GSUP_CN_DOMAIN_IE to differentiate CS and PS plane
      GSUP: Add support for RAND in SendAuthInfo.req
      add doc/*.tag to .gitignore
      logging: Use __BASE_FILE__ instead of __FILE__
      osmo-auc-gen: Print hex values without intermittent spaces
      vty: Fix documentation of 'show asciidoc counters' VTY command
      gsup.c: Fix encoding of UMTS auth vectors
      Add structures defining decoded TS 23.003 identities
      Add UMTS AKA related MM/GMM message type and IE definitions
      Add Finite State Machine abstraction code
      fsm: Introduce default time-out handling
      Mark input parameter to bitvec_set_bits() as 'const'
      lapd_dl_flush_hist(): Don't flush a non-existant history
      fsm: call 'onenter' as last step of a state change
      fsm: talloc + copy the 'id' passed into a FSM
      fsm: delete the timer when changing state
      Mark input string to osmo_talloc_replace_string() as const
      lapd_core: Fix crash in lapd_dl_flush_hist()
      fsm: Make sure we call 'onenter' of new state, not old state
      Add .mailmap file for mapping mail addresses in shortlog
      statsd: Fix compiler warning (int32_t vs. int64_t)
      bssgp_vty: Remove dead code and compiler warning
      gan: Mark gan_pdisc_vals[] as public / non-static symbol
      bssgp_rx_paging(): Fix parsing of P-TMSI IE in Paging message
      msgb: add msgb_push_u{8,16,32}() functions
      gsm_08_58.h: Add more Ericsson specific RSL IE Identifiers
      Fix unchecked return valueof osmo_fd_register()
      osmo_sock_init(): Fix memory leak in error path
      telnet_interface: Handle osmo_fd_register() eror return code
      osmo-sim-test.c: Fix rmsg check
      osmo_gsup_encode(): Make coverity happy by invariant checking
      Introduce osmo_strlcpy() function so we can stop using strncpy()
      ctrl_cmd_parse: Make coverity FORWARD_NULL happy
      logging: Extend log_target with call-back for un-formatted log line
      Fix msgb_test on 64 bit architectures
      gsmtap: Add defintions for GSMTAP based remote logging
      Implement GSMTAP log target

Holger Hans Peter Freyther (6):
      debian: Fix packaging by requiring python-minimal
      Revert "gsm48: move to hex TMSI representation"
      ussd: Decode interrogateSS that doesn't have test
      bitvec: Force inlining of bitvec_set_bit_pos/bitvec_set_bit
      bitcomp: Remove the t4 decoding from libosmocore
      wqueue: Reject messges if queue is considered full

Max Suraev (33):
      Set DTX in Cell Options
      Add function to make Uplink Measurement
      Add strings with PH primitive names
      Add helper functions for AMR codec
      Add functions to detect HR/FR SID frames
      Fix retrieving rate_ctr over control interface
      Add octet-aligned/unaligned shift functions
      Fix potential segfault in msg_dequeue
      Add strings for GPRS ciphers
      Make C4 function globally available
      Add function to check MS GEA capabilities
      tests: test actual support status for auth. algo
      Clarify GPRS ciphering direction
      Clarify GPRS algorithm
      Add missing osmo_c4 export
      Add function to check GMM encryptability
      Add strings with GPRS GMM messages
      Add GEA3 & GEA4 ciphers
      Add function to check TA validity
      Add define for invalid TA
      Extend L1SAP with Measurements
      Add control interface port for GGSN
      Add Marker to ph_tch_param
      Fix ASAN failure in bitrev_test
      AMR: add function to check speech frames
      Mark inline header function as static
      Constify ctrl_cmd struct fields where appropriate
      Add function to send TRAP over Control Interface
      Fix typo in osmo_fsm_log_addr()
      Add osmo_fsm_unregister() to header
      Add null-pointer check to osmo_amr_rtp_dec()
      Add logging and testing for FSM deallocation
      Extend IPA error logging

Neels Hofmeyr (54):
      api doc: auth_core.c: add \returns, cosmetic
      gitignore: add gsup_test, tlv_test
      api doc: get_value_string(): mention composition in static buffer
      add get_value_string_or_null() to handle unknown items
      add rsl_or_ipac_msg_name() for both standard and ip.access msg types
      gitignore: *-libtool for differing platforms
      gitignore tests/fsm/fsm_test
      fix compiler warning: gsup.c: missing braces
      gsm_08_58.h: introduce RSL_CHAN_NR_1 constant
      dyn TS: add definitions for dynamic TCH/F_TCH/H_PDCH
      rsl: add rsl_act_type_name()
      configure: check for pkg-config presence
      vty: use VTY_BIND_ADDR_DEFAULT instead of ""
      osmo_sock_init(): include host and port in error messages
      fix printf format for commit 'osmo_sock_init(): include host and port in error messages'
      IuPS: add GMM Service Request related constants and value_str
      fix error msg: msgb_put(): say "msgb_put", not "msgb_push"
      comment: */ports.h: link to wiki + manuals, indicate used ports
      fix GGSN Ctrl port to 4257
      build: tests: don't link system installed libosmogsm.
      remove unused function get_rate_ctr_group()
      remove unused local variable in get_rate_ctr()
      fix timer_test: don't forget to set tv_usec on the stop time
      timer_test: also report early finishes, report timing on error
      timer_test: remove unused precision values and confusing log
      add osmo_gettimeofday as a shim around gettimeofday
      timer_test: do not use real time: deterministic and faster
      timer_test: remove all random elements
      timer_test: redirect some output from stderr to stdout
      timer_test: print more details to stdout to check
      timer_test: set 8 as default steps, use the default in
      log telnet bind address and port
      log CTRL bind address and port
      bitrev_test: don't omit last byte from test result check
      msgb: add msgb_talloc_ctx_init(), deprecate msgb_set_talloc_ctx()
      gsm0408_test: initialize msgb talloc ctx
      osmo_select_main(): drop useless call to osmo_timers_check() output all test logs when 'make check' failed
      build: be robust against install-sh files above the root dir
      fix USSD: SS message type mask should be 0x3f, not 0xbf drop unecessary PATH, now in slave config
      gsm/ use proper top_builddir/top_srcdir paths
      configure: add --enable-sanitize, use in
      Revert "Constify ctrl_cmd struct fields where appropriate"
      build: make check: disable sim_test when built with --disable-pcsc
      gsm0480: code dup: introduce and use gsm0480_l3hdr_push()
      gsm0480: add gsm0480_create_ussd_notify() and *_release_complete()
      Revert "gsm0408: add chreq_type for CHREQ_T_PDCH_ONE_PHASE and CHREQ_T_PDCH_TWO_PHASE"
      contrib: add to draw osmo_fsm dotty graphs
      doc: fsm timer_cb: explain return value
      license: gsup: libosmogsm requires GPL, not AGPL; say 'sysmocom'
      cosmetic: gsup comments: write 'Generic' for the G in GSUP
      Fix VTY: add missing doc for 'log gsmtap [HOSTNAME]'
      fix: DLGSUP logging category "unusable"

Philipp (4):
      gsm0408: Adding 3g spcific RR message types
      COSMETIC: moving rr_cause_name() in gsm48.c
      gsm0408: Completing GSM 04.08 RR message types
      RSL: Add defines for ericsson systinfo SI13

Ruben Undheim (2):
      misc: Some spelling errors corrected
      Patched structs for big-endian architectures

Tom Tsou (2):
      Add EGPRS RLC/MAC headers from 3GPP TS 04.60
      egprs: Add CPS tables from TS 04.60

Vadim Yanitskiy (10):
      gsm48: move to hex TMSI representation
      utils/ code style changes (line width, tabs, etc.)
      utils/ generate a single file
      utils/ improve output formatting
      gsm/gsm0503.h: fix typo
      utils/ add RACH, SCH and TCH/AHS definitions
      utils/ fix some typos
      utils/ add EDGE MCS 1-9 definitions
      utils/ don't mix print and write()
      utils/ explicitly import reduce()

bhargava (1):
      Update structure in libosmocore for 11 bit RACH


An utility library for Open Source Mobile Communications

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