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Fri Nov 20 09:35:08 UTC 2015

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The annotated tag, 0.92 has been created
        at  755de01fb4b2f529834e3ea713c1c4653ad3b966 (tag)
   tagging  ac0b4f17fe659e106254d2b4dd4d9b662fcf1cfc (commit)
  replaces  0.91
 tagged by  Harald Welte
        on  Fri Nov 20 10:34:36 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tag v0.92 for installing gtpie.h
Version: GnuPG v1


Alexander Huemer (3): ->
      fix some format specifiers define ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS, include directory m4

Andreas Schultz (1):
      convert literal APN name to protocol encoded version before use

Daniel Willmann (1):
      openggsn.service: Add Install section to systemd service file

Emmanuel Bretelle (8):
      Fix warning on unused fscanf return code
      Fixed compile warning,exit if cant daemonize
      Fixe compilation warning
      Move common sgsnemu/ggsn files to directory "lib"
      Set tun devname to IFNAMESIZ+1 to avoid warning
      Do not exceed 80 characters per line
      fixed compilation warning against gcc-4.4
      IFNAMSIZ includes terminating 0

Eric Butler (2):
      Debian package updates.
      Fix init script in debian package.

Harald Welte (20):
      import debian packaging info
      debian: libgtp has architecture 'any' not 'all'
      debian: add init script for OpenGGSN
      libgtp: introduce cb_recovery() callback
      debian: update to source format git
      properly build a library for the content of the lib directory
      remove autotools-generated INSTALL file
      debian packaging: add missing openggsn.install file
      debian: add openggsn example config files
      Add optional RAI Field
      optionally do not send recovery with sgsnemu
      Convert all code to Linux coding style
      GTP: use socklen_t where appropriate
      configure: use AM_SILENT_RULES when available
      queue: use %p format string when printing a pointer
      queue: mark non-public functions as static
      queue: Add some more comments throughout the code (doxygen style)
      queue: fix copy+paste mistake in debug statements
      GTP: don't use magic numbers for T3-REQUESTS and N3-REQUEST
      update version to 0.92

Holger Hans Peter Freyther (32):
      build: Remove subdir-objects as it breaks make distclean
      build: Let the system decide where libraries are searched
      pdp: Mark the data as static as only pdp.c should access this data
      build: Do not generate a Makefile in the empty src/ directory
      gtp: Use struct ul16_t/struct ul66_t to avoid compiler warnings in OsmoSGSN
      systemd: Add a simple ggsn service file
      systemd: Do not restart when the application exits with 1
      cli: Re-generate the cmdline.c/cmdline.h with newer gengetopt
      cli: Manually patch the generated code to fix compiler warning
      cli: Introduce a logfile command to log errors to a file
      gtp: Speculative FreeBSD compile fix for htobe64
      debian: Create new changelog entry to please new tools
      debian: Add dependency for LSB script
      debian: Modernize/Fix the debian control file
      debian: Harden and build debug packages
      debian: Make it a proper git version
      debian: Attenpt to fix lintian warning on weak-dependency
      Begin to require libosmocore and libosmovty
      gtp: Move to using LOGP for logging GTP packages
      gtp: Kill unused and non public method
      gtp: Make these regions runtime debuggable
      syserr: Remove unused error packet logging code
      logging: Switch to using libosmocore logging for all the code
      ggsn: Be able to set the log level for the text file
      ggsn: Remove unused dump/logging method
      ggsn: Move printf to DEBUGP statements in the ggsn as well
      lib: Speculatively add libosmocore cflags to the lib
      debian: Move to multi-arch support
      debian: Require libosmocore
      debian: Address lintian warning about -dbg package
      Dump dead code and never look at it again
      Revert " define ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS, include directory m4"

Isabelle Kraemer (1):
      GTP: Fix bug in update PDP context procedure

Max Suraev (1):
      Fix dpkg-buildpackage build for OpenGGSN

Michael McTernan (1):
      openggsn: Check return codes and take error paths on failure.

Neels Hofmeyr (7):
      gtp.c: improve 3 error logs.
      gtp.h: rename gsn_t.dublicate to duplicate.
      gtp.c: fix an error log.
      make install: also install gtpie.h
      add todo comments
      sgsnemu: improve an error message
      gitignore: add 'compile' (from autoconf)

Pablo Neira Ayuso (3):
      gtp: fix wrong binary layout for struct gtp0_header in x86_64
      gtp: fix endianness in teid field of GTPv0 header
      gtp: add pdp_set_imsi_nsapi

Sylvain Munaut (1):
      build: Add a proper pkgconfig libgtp.pc for the GTP library

Tobias Engel (1):
      Remove out-of-bounds write

Yann BONNAMY (3):
      Add support for GTP IE's from 3GPP R7
      RAI fix
      sgsnemu support for QoS as defined in 3GPP TS 24.008


The OpenGGSN project

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