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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

commit fcd7558506adb0d02d8cb18dbb7da23643dcd195
Author: Jacob Erlbeck <jerlbeck at sysmocom.de>
Date:   Mon Sep 28 18:54:32 2015 +0200

    WIP edge: Add is_egprs_enabled method to TBF TODO
    Sponsored-by: On-Waves ehf
    WIP edge: Packet uplink assignment
    Tell the MS to use EGPRS if the MS has signalled a EGPRS multislot
    class and if EGPRS has been enables globally.
    - alloc has also been extended
    - DL alloc not yet
    - Separate this from really requesting EGPRS
    - testing


commit e4f82efe8202c26c690430e92359df87193dd96b
Author: Jacob Erlbeck <jerlbeck at sysmocom.de>
Date:   Tue Nov 17 16:30:58 2015 +0100

    encoder: Whitespace fixes
    Sponsored-by: On-Waves ehf


commit 0ff208a5e14289f293bab8ce113d3d72b460a702
Author: Jacob Erlbeck <jerlbeck at sysmocom.de>
Date:   Mon Sep 28 18:54:32 2015 +0200

    edge: Support EGPRS in packet uplink assignment
    Currently the Encoding::write_packet_uplink_assignment method only
    supports the GPRS variant of the message.
    This commit adds the missing EGPRS variant to the encoder.
    Sponsored-by: On-Waves ehf


commit 212171cb67d9bc3add09fc1ba566d0f2db9d63ae
Author: Jacob Erlbeck <jerlbeck at sysmocom.de>
Date:   Mon Sep 28 18:12:57 2015 +0200

    edge: Add egprs config command
    Add a global config flag to enable the use EDGE/EGPRS.
    The following VTY commands are added to node config-pcu:
     - egprs              Enables EGPRS
     - no egprs           Disable EGPRS
    Note that enabling EGPRS is experimental and will most likely break
    packet transmission until a minimal required set of EGPRS
    functionality is implemented.
    Sponsored-by: On-Waves ehf


commit 6ea0240e894376d85e83fdad8d433da95412735e
Author: Jacob Erlbeck <jerlbeck at sysmocom.de>
Date:   Mon Sep 28 17:55:32 2015 +0200

    edge: Get EGPRS multislot class
    The EGPRS MS class ist contained in the MS_RA_capability information.
    Its presence indicates, that the MS is able (and willing) to use
    This commit implements basic support for retrieving, storing, and
    showing it in the VTY. The information is stored in the MS object.
    Sponsored-by: On-Waves ehf


Summary of changes:
 configure.ac                             |   8 --
 src/Makefile.am                          |   9 +-
 src/bts.cpp                              |   7 +-
 src/openbts_sock.cpp                     | 190 -------------------------------
 src/{sysmo_sock.cpp => osmobts_sock.cpp} |  14 ++-
 src/pcu_main.cpp                         |   2 +
 src/pcu_vty.c                            |   5 +
 src/tbf.h                                |  10 ++
 tests/alloc/AllocTest.cpp                |  21 ++--
 tests/tbf/TbfTest.cpp                    |   2 +-
 10 files changed, 43 insertions(+), 225 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 src/openbts_sock.cpp
 rename src/{sysmo_sock.cpp => osmobts_sock.cpp} (94%)


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