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  replaces  0.8.0
 tagged by  Holger Hans Peter Freyther
        on  Tue Nov 3 09:32:49 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Move to 0.9.0 for the library


Andreas Rottmann (1):
      build: Fix out-of-tree builds

Harald Welte (4):
      Add APN utility function to libosmogsm Add subdir-objects
      Add G-RNTI derived TLLI types defined in 23.003
      Introduce gsm48_mi_type_name() function

Holger Hans Peter Freyther (32):
      debian: Add pcsc build depends and pkg-config for the m4 macro
      vty: Fix typo in the state creation
      debian: Move to multi-arch support in libosmocore
      debian: Aim for a higher standards version
      gsm0808: Remove duplicate initialization
      msgfile: Fix warning on BSDs stdio
      libctrl: Include config.h so we can include netinet/tcp.h
      endian: Be able to detect endian on GNU and BSD
      ctrl: Avoid accessing cmd_desc->command out of bounds
      utils: Disable the weak symbol for darwin
      macaddr: Use the BSD code for Darwin as well
      sim: Use extern for these structs to generate a linkage
      logginrb: Fix compiler warning about fprintf
      osmo_static_assert: Put back the typedef in the code
      debian: Build new version
      linuxlist: Remove casting of ptr from container_of macro
      debian: Bump version for new local packages
      build: Fix the building of tests as well
      debian: New development release with APN changes for the SGSN
      osmo-auc-gen: '-a' is already the algorithm. Fix the help
      ipa: Properly parse LV stream of a ID_GET request
      release: Prepare the 0.8.2 release
      vty: Change API to have node installation be done by int
      Revert " Add subdir-objects"
      Prepare new upstream release
      stats: Remove warnings about never read variables
      stats: Do not assign the wrong addresss
      stats: Fix handling of the no mtu command
      Merge branch 'jerlbeck/wip/stats'
      timer: Fix compiler warning about timeval
      stats: Fix build on FreeBSD
      misc: Prepare the release of libosmocore 0.9.0

Jacob Erlbeck (42):
      logging: Implement subsecond resolution of extended timestamps
      bssgp: Don't reply with STATUS when receiving a PtP STATUS message
      bssgp: Handle BSSGP STATUS messages
      bssgp: Always expect dup != NULL in bssgp_tx_dl_ud (Coverity)
      bssgp: Ensure non-NULL bctx before calling bssgp_rx_ptp (Coverity)
      ns: Log when sending fails (Coverity)
      msgb: Check the return value of msgb_alloc (Coverity)
      gprs: Add assertion for msg != NULL to bssgp_msgb_alloc (Coverity)
      bssgp: Fix output of the VTY 'show bssgp stats' command
      bssgp: Fix encoding of BVC_FLOW_CONTROL
      bssgp: Fix call to llist_entry in fc_queue_timer_cfg
      bssgp/test: Fix bssgp-fc test
      bssgp: Fix bssgp_tx_fc_bvc parameter type
      ipa: Add entry for ipa_ccm_idtag_parse_off
      bssgp/test: Add missing START/END printfs
      bssgp: Fix IMSI buffer size (Coverity)
      stats: Add stat_item for value monitoring
      stats: Add vty_out_stat_item_group
      ns: Add statistics for some events
      stats: Use a global index for stat item values
      core: Extend rate_ctr by helper functions
      stats: Add stat_item_for_each functions
      core: Update osmo_counters_for_each doc
      stat/vty: Use the iterator algorithms to show ctrg and statg
      stat/vty: Add vty_out_statistics_full to show all statistics
      stats/vty: Add stats_vty.c
      stats: Add the reporting framework
      stats/vty: Add stats configuration
      stats: Implement timer based reporting
      stats: Report stat item values
      core: Add difference function to osmo_counter
      stats: Add support for osmo_counters
      stats: Support statsd Multi-Metric Packets
      stats: Add missing mtu command to 'write' output
      stats: Make net config optional
      stats: Use function pointers in reporter objects
      stats: Add log reporter
      stats: Add osmo_ name prefix to identifiers
      vty: Add reserved nodes to enum node_type
      stats: Report group indices as unsigned int
      stats: Limit reporting by class id
      log: Add new DLSTATS log level

Jan Engelhardt (1):
      build: have a disable-static build succeed

Max (2):
      gsm: Add A5/3-4 cipher support
      fix compiler warnings for a5 tests

Michael McTernan (2):
      vty: Fix writing the logging of category
      Tests: Fix broken loggingrb testcase.

Neels Hofmeyr (5):
      utils: add 'returns' doc to osmo_hexparse().
      ipaccess: add OAP proto_ext (in design).
      fix some typos
      gtphub: add OSMO_VTY_PORT_GTPHUB.

Sylvain Munaut (2):
      tests: Don't reference file in src/ to test hidden func. Use static link.
      build: Enable subdir-objects

altaf (1):
      core/gsmtap: LTE RRC message types and LTE MAC define


An utility library for Open Source Mobile Communications

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