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 tagged by  Holger Hans Peter Freyther
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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
This is version 0.8.0
Version: GnuPG v1


Ciaby (2):
      debian: fix build errors with libosmogsm and libosmoctrl
      Fix debian packaging

Daniel Willmann (1):
      smscb/gsm0341_test: Add \r padding to the message

Harald Welte (51):
      libctrl: Add support for 'deferred control commands'
      add port number 4238 for BTS control interface
      gsm48.h: define the reserved TMSI in libosmocore, not openbsc
      logging: Add ability to save/print current log filters
      add missing copyright statements to source code files
      Fix copyright header in gan.c
      msgb: make msgb_get() finally work as expected
      initial checkin of 'libosmosim'
      sim: osmo-sim-test: Also dump binary files
      sim: add copyright notices and merge file_codec.c into core.c
      sim: Use autotools for libpcsc-lite linkage
      sim: strip the SW from the returned data, as SW is passed in msgb->cb
      sim: add decoding of status words
      sim: further updates/fixes
      sim: Add minimal/recommended size of file / record
      sim: Add sfi to EF_*() macros
      sim: mark osim_msgb_cb as __may_alias__ to avoid gcc warnings
      sim: reader_pcsc.c: Avoid compiler warnings by using pcsc-lite LONG
      sim: Make osmo-sim-test compile again
      sim: Update to latest SIM/USIM specs and include size information
      sim: Add 3GPP TS 31.103 ISIM definitions
      sim: Only one default_decode() function for all card types
      sim: Make TETRA SIM (TSIM) support compile
      sim: More comments in sim.h
      sim: Prepare infrastructure for protocols != T=0 and other drivers
      sim: add missing const to reader_ops member of reader_handle
      sim: More talloc return NULL checking
      make sure to register DF.TELECOM and DF.GSM for SIM, USIM + TSIM
      remove doxygen_sqlite3.db during 'make clean'
      Merge branch 'laforge/sim'
      Change license of libosmogb from AGPLv3+ to GPLv2+
      Change license of gsm0411_smc/smr to GPLv2+
      Change copyright notice of ipa.c to GPLv2+
      sttrb / loggingrb: Use GPLv2+ as license, not AGPLv3+
      sim: reader_pcsc:Remove dead code
      osmo-sim-test: Fix read_binary() return check
      select.c: Add missing #include lines for string.h and sys/select.h
      strrb.c: Use string.h, not strings.h
      remove references to u_char type, use 'unsigned char' instead
      remove references to u_long type, use 'unsigned long' instead
      vty/vector.c: Use string.h, not memory.h
      fix libosmocore build for NuttX target
      libosmo-gsm: Add PCHAN/LCHAN types for CBCH
      Add Cell Broadcast MSGIDs from TS 23.041 v12.6.0 Release 12
      add gsm0341_test to generate SMSCB hex strings
      add missing gsm0341.h
      SMS-CB: Add #defines for maximum block/msg size and payload chars
      use the new GSM341 / GSM412 size constants
      SMS-CB: introduce and use GSM341_7BIT_PADDING

Holger Hans Peter Freyther (23):
      ctrl: Attempt fix the build on FreeBSD and add include file
      msgfile: Fix memleak in the test and release the list
      logging: Document the ABI breakage in the release todo
      debian: Depend on libosmocore5 for the legacy package
      debian: Depend on the right version of libosmogsm as well
      misc: Look into the build directory for generated files
      gprs-ns/test: Re-add return value check for gprs_nsvc_reset
      bssgp: Free msgb in case of error when calling into gprs_ns_sendmsg
      bssgp: Include sys/socket.h for AF_INET on FreeBSD
      misc: Ignore the new test file as well
      pcsc: Fix the include path
      pcsc: Allow to disable the PCSC dependency
      vty: Check with the application before writing the config
      gtp: Add a global region for the gtp library of OpenGGSN
      logging: Make it possible to print category/subsys and timestamps
      logging: Call color only once and use the result
      ipa: Make a reservation for the GSUP protocol
      bitvec: Fix typo in the csn1 encoding code
      log: "logging level everything" is a badly named option.
      misc: Ignore a file generated by doxygen
      sim: Link to libosmocore and libosmogsm
      ctrl: Link to libraries we use symbols from
      Prepare a new libosmocore release

Jacob Erlbeck (15):
      gprs: Fix and check BVCI in BSSGP STATUS messages
      gprs: Fix bssgp_rcvmsg to handle signalling msgs with BVCI IE
      gprs: Set bssgph field in bssgp_msgb_alloc()
      gprs-ns/test: Use gprs_nsvc_reset instead of gprs_ns_tx_reset
      gprs-ns/test: Save the last PDU type sent
      gprs-ns/test: Add expire_nsvc_timer
      gprs-ns/test: Add test_sgsn_reset_invalid_state
      gprs-ns: Let gprs_nsvc_reset return a value
      gprs-ns: Fix reset state handling
      gprs-ns/test: Check the nsvc state explicitely
      gprs/test: Add BSSGP tests
      gprs: Don't discard SUSPEND/RESUME in bssgp_rcvmsg
      bssgp: Fix VTY command 'show bssgp nsei N'
      ipa: Add forward declaration of struct osmo_fd
      ipa: Return -errno instead of -1 in ipa_send

Jan Engelhardt (4):
      utils: resolve compiler warnings on implicit declarations
      build: remove unused all_includes and use AM_CPPFLAGS
      build: fix linker error with kasumi_test
      build: resolve compiler warning about implicit delcaration

Kevin Redon (7):
      sim: comment/explain signature of osim_new_apdumsg
      sim: add comment/explaination for structure osim_apdu_case
      sim: renamed case to the one defined in ISO7816-3
      sim: added utils/osmo-sim-test to .gitignore
      sim: add comment/explaination for structure osim_apdu_cmd_hdr
      sim: add comment/explaination for structure osim_msgb_cb
      sim: replaced function/structure comments with doxygen comments

Max (1):
      Move common socket routine into separate function

Tobias Engel (1):
      Supplementary Services (de)activation, interrogation added


An utility library for Open Source Mobile Communications

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