HEADS UP: don't merge .adoc or vty ref changes to osmo-gsm-manuals.git anymore!

Oliver Smith osmith at sysmocom.de
Wed Nov 28 09:24:43 UTC 2018

On 11/27/18 6:55 PM, Neels Hofmeyr wrote:
> The adocs and vty reference content from osmo-gsm-manuals.git has been "moved"
> to the individual project repositories. That means if you apply more .adoc
> changes to osmo-gsm-manuals.git, we have to port that to the new location.
> (The content is not yet removed from osmo-gsm-manuals.git, so you might run into
> believing the move hasn't happened yet.)
> You can already edit in the individual osmo-bsc,-msc,... repositories,
> and build with 'configure --enable-manuals'.

Please note that the generated PDFs end up in doc/manuals.

> The jenkins publishing job isn't updated yet, should follow soon.
> right, osmith?

Yes. Progress is documented here: https://osmocom.org/issues/3385

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