osmo-gsm-manuals in project repos: I see no .pdf

Oliver Smith osmith at sysmocom.de
Wed Nov 28 09:12:50 UTC 2018

Oh, you were probably looking for them in the root directory, right?
They get placed in doc/manuals/:

$ cd osmo-bsc
$ ./configure --enable-manuals
$ make
$ find -name '*.pdf'

$ cd ../osmo-msc
$ ./configure --enable-manuals
$ make
$ find -name '*.pdf'

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for merging the patches. I see that
you have even adjusted the commit message everywhere.


On 11/28/18 10:05 AM, Oliver Smith wrote:
> Worked for me™
> I'll look into it right away.
> On 11/27/18 7:13 PM, Neels Hofmeyr wrote:
>> Hi Oliver,
>> so I merged the stuff to add the manuals to the individual git repositories,
>> since you said that it works. But when I do --enable-manuals I don't see any
>> PDF files generated. Also a manual 'make pdf' says "nothing to be done".
>> (I probably should have tried it before merging after all)
>> So what am I doing wrong? Alternatively, can you fix it please?
>> ~N

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