Info on Alcatel Femtocells

Alex allexander.alex at
Tue Nov 27 08:33:19 UTC 2018

 Hi to everyone!

I'm a new member and I really appreciate the work done here!

I'm trying to use Alcatel Femtocells (ALU 9361/9362/9363) with osmo-hnbgw,
but I'm still blocked at the IPSEC tunnel step.

I've created an IPSEC server with EAP support, but I suspect there is a
problem with my  self signed certificate.

Probably the femtocell has an internal trusted CA which validates server

I din't find the console pins on the board also, so I cannot simply connect
to it and have a look at the system level.

Has anyone any experience with this kind of HW or just an idea about a
possible  work around?

Thank you and best regards
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