Failing test cases (and builds) on other architectures in Debian

Harald Welte laforge at
Mon Nov 19 06:27:18 UTC 2018

Hi Ruben,

thanks for pointing this out.

It has been known to use that Osmocom GSM/3G code doesn't work on big endian systems for
quite some time.  In the 10 year history of the project, I'm not aware of any user of
our software on such systems, or anyone ever having requested support and/or contributed
related patches.

As our [paid] development resources are still very limited compared to the vast scope
of the 3GPP specs, protocols, network elements, etc. it has never been a priority, including

In the Osmocom project we are most happy to review and merge any related fixes! But in terms
of sysmocom dedicating paid engineering time to fixing any of those: It's unlikely going to
happen, sorry.

I still agree with other responders on this thread that it's useful to document known bugs
in our bug tracker, though.

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