voting in gerrit: merge at +3? (+2+1 / +1+1+1)

Stefan Sperling stsp at
Thu Nov 15 18:07:34 UTC 2018

On Thu, Nov 15, 2018 at 03:39:36PM +0100, Pau Espin Pedrol wrote:
> Hi,
> while I'd like it to be the opposite, i tend to think you cannot trust human
> being until they proved you can do so -> I'm against giving +2 to everybody
> by default.

I don't see any cause for concern there. We have version control.

Nobody can undo the main line of history. Mistakes will always
be made, and can always be undone.
> I agree with Stefan and I wouldn't go for a too drastic change,

Indeed, I designed my proposal with minimal changes to the existing
process in mind. But it seems like Neels and my own proposal aren't
far apart, actually. The only difference is whether our self-enforced
boundaries are enforced by technical or social means, really.

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