Failing test cases (and builds) on other architectures in Debian

Ruben Undheim ruben.undheim at
Thu Nov 15 17:07:30 UTC 2018


> -- ERROR sending ciphering mode command: rc=-95
> +- ERROR sending ciphering mode command: rc=-122
> i.e. a mismatching rc gets returned. It's not an error with any practical
> effect.
> Aha, could it simply be that the errno are defined differently on this
> platform? It should be -95 == -ENOTSUP, while we get -122.

I will have a look. Thanks for the hint. :D

> > Interesting. I did not know about this way of viewing the patches,
> > although I am behind most of the patches. Please just pull back
> > whatever you find useful.
> Ideally, the patch author goes on to submit it on :)

Yes, ideally! I have actually done it on gerrit to you guys once
before [1]. However, I am interacting with so many different upstream,
and everyone has their own way of doing things. Therefore I prefer to
just write an email or file an issue, and you can just pick whatever
you want. Since you deal with gerrit regularly, it will be much more
efficient. (I only have github and salsa in my fingers..)  Many
patches are not relevant for upstream either. Only when making real
bug-fixes (like now for big-endian archs), it makes sense for me to
spend time getting them into gerrit myself (and waste time learning
how to do it again :D ).

Best regards


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