osmo-bts-trx: "No clock from osmo-trx"

Neels Hofmeyr nhofmeyr at sysmocom.de
Wed Jun 14 01:33:43 UTC 2017

Hi Tom and others,

in our testing setup, we have sporadic failures (~2 out of 10 times) with:

  DOML <0001> bts.c:208 Shutting down BTS 0, Reason No clock from osmo-trx

What would be possible reasons for this failure, and how can we go about fixing
it? Some more logging around it:

  20170614032014399 DRSL <0000> rsl.c:2333 (bts=0,trx=0,ts=0,ss=2) Fwd RLL msg EST_IND from LAPDm to A-bis
  20170614032018533 DL1C <0006> scheduler_trx.c:1451 PC clock skew: elapsed uS 4136730
  20170614032018533 DOML <0001> bts.c:208 Shutting down BTS 0, Reason No clock from osmo-trx
  20170614032018533 DL1C <0006> scheduler.c:240 Exit scheduler for trx=0
  20170614032018533 DL1C <0006> scheduler.c:216 Init scheduler for trx=0
  20170614032018533 DOML <0001> oml.c:280 OC=RADIO-CARRIER INST=(00,00,ff) AVAIL STATE OK -> Off line
  Shutdown timer expired

(We're using an external 10MHz OCXO timing source)

It appears there's four seconds of nothing from osmo-trx?

Most curious is that the next run will be completely fine, until some time
later we get this same failure.

We wait until osmo-trx logs

  -- Transceiver active with 1 channel(s)

and then we "immediately" or up to a second later launch osmo-bts-trx. Would it
help to give it more grace time??



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