OsmoNITB + Asterisk

Brian Butterly bbutterly at ernw.de
Wed Jul 27 12:19:53 UTC 2016


has anyone recently put together a functional setup with OsmoNITB and
Asterisk (+LCR)?

I've got multiple errors while compiling LCR with Asterisk, mainly
unknown definitions and a set of missing functions.

My setup:
-current OpenBSC (running perfectly)

-Ubuntu Xenial, 64Bit, VBox VM

-current LCR from Osmocom Repos
-Asterisk (build without any issues)
-- from Asterisk Page
-- from Asterisk Page
--11.32.0 form Asterisk Page
--last 13.x release vie apt

I had expected the newer versions to be incompatible, still gave them a
shot anyways.

I've started fiddling with LCR, but before I go deeper into that, I just
wanted to check if there was some defined approach which would get
everything up and running.

I'd be very thankful for any hint or maybe some information on which
versions of what will actually work together.



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