New subscriber not created automatically with accept-all/subscriber-create-on-demand configuration

Shaddi Hasan shasan at
Wed Jul 27 00:24:09 UTC 2016

Hi folks, I'm seeing some unexpected behavior from OsmoNITB. I am running from the Debian 8 nightly builds from July 25 for everything.

My OpenBSC configuration is set as follows:

 auth policy accept-all

When a new phone tries to camp to the network, it's rejected as follows: ("Failed to find subscriber"). My full openbsc.cfg is in that gist as well.

If I create the subscriber by IMSI via the VTY though, it camps fine and everything else works as expected. When I tested this this configuration a few weeks ago with an earlier build (sorry, can't recall which one), adding the subscriber manually wasn't necessary, and with the configuration above seems like it also shouldn't be necessary. Couple questions:

- Is this the expected behavior for this configuration?
- If so, is there currently a way to achieve the prior behavior (subscriber created automatically when a new phone tries to camp, rather than being rejected)?


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