openbsc build broken due to new GSM_PCHAN value

Neels Hofmeyr nhofmeyr at
Sun Jul 24 12:48:51 UTC 2016

Build fixed in 17a6bab150bd70954b00645c8d1f18ce3ccf8948

I pushed the commit through without peer review to fix the build, so maybe have
a look whether I need to improve something.


On Sun, Jul 24, 2016 at 01:11:33PM +0200, Neels Hofmeyr wrote:
> Just to let you know, the addition of GSM_PCHAN_TCH_F_TCH_H_PDCH in libosmocore
> implicitly broke the ctrl interface tests in openbsc.
> FAIL: testBtsChannelLoad (__main__.TestCtrlBSC)
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "./", line 237, in testBtsChannelLoad
>     self.assertEquals(r['value'], 'CCCH+SDCCH4,0,0 TCH/F,0,0 TCH/H,0,0 SDCCH8,0,0 TCH/F_PDCH,0,0 CCCH+SDCCH4+CBCH,0,0 SDCCH8+CBCH,0,0')
> AssertionError: 'CCCH+SDCCH4,0,0 TCH/F,0,0 TCH/H,0,0 SDCCH8,0,0 TCH/F_PDCH,0,0 CCCH+SDCCH4+CBCH,0,0 SDCCH8+CBCH,0,0 unknown 0xb,0,0' != 'CCCH+SDCCH4,0,0 TCH/F,0,0 TCH/H,0,0 SDCCH8,0,0 TCH/F_PDCH,0,0 CCCH+SDCCH4+CBCH,0,0 SDCCH8+CBCH,0,0'
> because this is unexpected output: "unknown 0xb,0,0"
> So *any* commit submitted to openbsc will currenty fail.
> I'll probably fix it shortly with a commit to openbsc...
> This also directed my attention towards the pchan_load mechanics. It always
> shows a TCH/F_PDCH entry, but in PDCH mode those would not have any load. I
> guess it makes sense in the current scheme of things, though it could make even
> more sense to record channel load not as separate TCH/F_PDCH but in the TCH/F
> slot, depending on current pchan mode?  Similarly for upcoming
> TCH/F_TCH/H_PDCH: record in the TCH/F or TCH/H slot according to current pchan
> mode...  (For now I'm focusing on completion of TCH/F_TCH/H_PDCH usability, if
> at all pchan_load tweaks would come later)
> ~Neels
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