Need Help In installing openBSC for establishing GSM network with EDGE support

Tom Tsou tom at
Fri Jul 15 18:36:31 UTC 2016

Hi Ayush,

On Thu, Jul 14, 2016 at 5:41 PM, ayush gupta <guptaayush48 at> wrote:
> i am noob to this field and currently trying to establishing a GSM network
> with EDGE support
> using this page as guide

Some parts of that wiki page are probably out of date.

EDGE support in osmo-bts is currently in review. I am in the process
of addressing review comments and updating wiki pages. In the
meantime, the EGPRS branch for osmo-bts is required.

  git://   ttsou/egprs

Sharing your configuration files would also be helpful.


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