Need Help In installing openBSC for establishing GSM network with EDGE support

ayush gupta guptaayush48 at
Fri Jul 15 00:41:53 UTC 2016

Hello everyone,

i am noob to this field and currently trying to establishing a GSM network
with EDGE support
using this page as guide
i am stuck at this command

sudo osmo-nitb -C -c openbsc.conf -T -P -m

its giving me following error

There is no such command.
Error occurred during reading below line:
 extension-prefix 0

% 'dtx-used' is now deprecated: use dtx * configuration options of BTS instead
Fri Jul 15 05:35:26 2016 <0005> bsc_init.c:492 Failed to parse the
config file: '/home/ryker/openbsc.conf'

any help would be highly appreciated

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