OsmoNITB async HLR/VLR

Ivan Kluchnikov Ivan.Kluchnikov at fairwaves.ru
Thu Apr 28 15:18:14 UTC 2016

Dear Harald,

I want to discuss this topic in mailing list, because I think we should
coordinate our efforts when we work on the same part of project.
As I found out from Alex, several important points were discussed at
* reuse gsup protocol for implementing location and authentication
interface for osmo-nitb
* get rid of using internal osmo-nitb database and use only subscriber list
on osmo-nitb side
Could you please confirm and/or enhance this list?

I see that you moved all gsup related code from openbsc to libosmocore in
laforge/pending branches.
Do you have any further plans to continue this development?
As you know, we implemented interface based on gsup for exporting LU from
osmo-nitb (fairwaves/sup branch), but in our implementation we didn't get
rid of using internal database.
Despite this I guess that our code could be updated and reused for this

Ivan Kluchnikov.
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