[PATCH 0/4] take care of some coverity warnings

Holger Freyther holger at freyther.de
Fri Apr 22 13:45:30 UTC 2016

> On 15 Apr 2016, at 23:59, Neels Hofmeyr <nhofmeyr at sysmocom.de> wrote:


>        if (ctx)
>                mm_ctx_cleanup_free(ctx, "GPRS ATTACH REJ");
> -       else
> +       else if (llme)
>                /* TLLI unassignment */
>                gprs_llgmm_assign(llme, llme->tlli, 0xffffffff, GPRS_ALGO_GEA0, NULL);

I don't think this is the right thing to do. There should always be a llme here. Please have a look at the coverity report it will tell where thos llme has been NULL.

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