[osmo-sim-auth] Only AUTS returning

Harald Welte laforge at gnumonks.org
Wed Apr 6 08:09:01 UTC 2016

Hi Marco,

On Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 11:26:06PM +0200, Marco Heumann wrote:
> a student college and me are using the osmo-sim-auth tool for a student
> project. We have valid data for our SIM card since it's a special
> ordered test SIM card. 

are you aware that test sim cards sometimes use different algorithms
(XOR instead of MILENAGE) and even might have the sequence number (SQN)
handling turned off?

> In 2G mode we get the correct RES value, but in 3G mode we always get
> only an AUTS value. We calculated the SQN value from the AUTS to
> verify that we have the correct SQN value, but still we only get AUTS
> as return.

What is your expectation?  What do you expect in addition to the AUTS?

Have you actually bothered to look at the code of osmo-sim-auth.py?  In
UMTS AKA case, there is only a single print line:

»·······ret = u.authenticate(rand_bin, autn_bin, ctx='3G')
»·······if len(ret) == 1:
»·······»·······print "AUTS:\t%s" % b2a_hex(byteToString(ret[0]))
»·······»·······print "RES:\t%s" % b2a_hex(byteToString(ret[0]))
»·······»·······print "CK:\t%s" % b2a_hex(byteToString(ret[1]))
»·······»·······print "IK:\t%s" % b2a_hex(byteToString(ret[2]))
»·······»·······if len(ret) == 4:
»·······»·······»·······print "Kc:\t%s" % b2a_hex(byteToString(ret[3]))

maybe you simply want to add the print-out of what you wnat to see printed?

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