[PATCH 2/4] NAT: vty command to display number of BSCs

Holger Freyther holger at freyther.de
Tue Apr 5 20:38:12 UTC 2016

> On 04 Apr 2016, at 15:30, msuraev at sysmocom.de wrote:
> From: Max <msuraev at sysmocom.de>
> Add command 'show nat bsc' to display number of configured BSCs.

Thank you for moving this to a separate patch.

> +DEFUN(show_nat_bsc, show_nat_bsc_cmd, "show nat bsc",
> +      SHOW_STR "Display NAT configuration details\n"
> +      "BSCs-related\n")
> +{
> +	vty_out(vty, "%d BSCs configured%s", _nat->num_bsc, VTY_NEWLINE);
> +	return CMD_SUCCESS;
> +}

If somebody asked me what "show nat bsc" would do, I would not have guessed it prints a number. Can you think of a better name?

	"show nat configured-bsc-count"?
	"show nat bscs-configured"?
	"show nat num-bscs-configured"?

kind regards

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