SUA on-link cb?

Harald Welte laforge at
Mon Apr 4 14:09:05 UTC 2016

Hi Neels,

On Mon, Apr 04, 2016 at 03:57:07PM +0200, Neels Hofmeyr wrote:
> I'm taking a brief look at how osmo-hnbgw would send a Reset to the CN.
> So I'd like to be notified when osmo-hnbgw first establishes a link to a
> CN component, and then send a Reset message on it.
> I see there's an OSMO_SCU_PRIM_N_CONNECT, but am I right that this is
> related to actual messages being sent on the link, and can't be used to
> get notified about a connection per se?

Please check the ITU specs for SCCP, specifically the N-CONNECT
primitive at the SCCP user SAP.   I think it is quite clear that there's
a full set of N-CONNECT with full request/confirm (initiator) /
indication/response (responder) primitives.  For example, Table 1 and
Figure 8 of Q.711 should give a good idea.

This should be the guideline against which we implement the SCCP
provider underneath our SCCP USER SAP.

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