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Sat Apr 16 12:26:00 UTC 2016

* When an external protocol changes, the version number needs to
  change. I added MNCC protocol versioning as OpenBSC and LCR were
  out of sync and then funny things happened. This one line change
  of the version number can save you hours in debugging!

* When a new feature is added, ask for a testcase. E.g. specially
  the E1 bit fiddling as it is so rarely used that it is likely
  to bitrot.

* Check the error paths. Developers tend to only test with a single
  phone, not run into error paths, not force them to be taken during
  development (faul injection).

* For things like device work-arounds ask if they are really necessary,
  e.g. I have my doubts for the RTP timestamp handling.

* General code hygiene. Don't have the action take place four tabs in
  in a thousand line code method, don't use magic numbers, don't repeat
  yourself etc. Code is read a lot more than it is written. Besides smaller
  methods being easier to write unit tests for, they are easier to

I have merged two patches from this patchset but they required multiple
rounds and my spare time is really limited. 


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