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Sat Apr 16 12:26:00 UTC 2016

of what if the msgb is 'borrowed' or 'owned/transferred'. Whenever we reach a
_send method we actually transfer the ownership (as the data might be queued
or such).

The other technical part is to make sure we first establish a rule by
1.) adding doxygen/API documentation to the sendmsg function
2.) maybe look into introducing dummy annotations like __borrow, __takes that
we could autocheck in the future (e.g. by extending spaze/smack)

The issue with reviewing such a patch is the question if you have catched
everything. E.g. I think you missed need to convert (and what it calls):

static int gprs_ns_tx(struct gprs_nsvc *nsvc, struct msgb *msg)

                LOGP(DNS, LOGL_ERROR, "unsupported NS linklayer %u\n", nsvc->ll);
                ret = -EIO;
        return ret;

> As reported in ticket #55 SGSN can crash due to double free-ing. You
> can replace 'can' by 'will' in that last phrase. I had a sift through
> the code and tried to solve this by removing the free in gprs_ns.c.
> Whenever the calling function created the msgb-struct, I have made the
> function free it after its use. If the function got the msgb from a
> calling function, there will not be a free (hoping that will be done
> on the higher level).

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