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Sat Apr 16 12:26:00 UTC 2016

systems from the same vendor, as it is assumed that these systems have
seen a priori more testing time and are thus more reliable than any
multi-vendor combination has seen/would be.

Should there be a problem, it is also a lot easier and faster to get
support from a vendor, when he can't first try and blame the other
vendors box, or the translator in between. Here, again, risk

While the lock-in is indeed a bad thing, it is still considered the
lesser evil, compared to the effort needed to do q/a testing in mixed
systems on nation-size scale plus R&D for the translators plus
battling for support with N competing vendors, all blaming each other.

This is the oh-so-familiar argument on why many companies use
exclusively Microsoft, or everything Apple, etc...

Just my 0.05 chf on why translators did not happen... (yet?)


Excercise 17:
If the human brain was simple enough for us to understand we'd be so
simple we couldn't understand.
Prove this by induction.

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