OpenBSC development

Peter Yuan ptr.yuan at
Wed Jan 11 13:49:12 CET 2012


Labs wrote:
> I just saw this one earlier but the guy says it sends it to US only.
> I have the hardware at work and I also look for something small at home.
> We have some old Siemens that might work with BS-11 config and new
> ones that are totally different in concept that I will not be able I
> guess to use it besides the vendor BSC.

so it seems kind of hard to get hardware at the moment.

Quote of
> Things that are not implemented
>     Cell Broadcast
>     Any type of transcoding of voice data
>     TCH/H voice calls (they work in osmo-bsc, but not in osmo-nitb)
>     CSD? calls
>     emergency call handling (works in osmo-bsc, but not in osmo-nitb)
>     Discontinuous TX and RX (DTX? / DRX?) support 
Is this list still up to date? Somebody working on one of these topics?
Which of these topics do you think is easiest to get one's hands on?


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