[BUG REPORT]: Unable to send SMS

Harald Welte laforge at gnumonks.org
Mon Jun 28 21:25:06 CEST 2010

Dear Luca,

On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 02:52:56PM +0200, Luca Bertoncello wrote:
> > [694a5cfe062b49ac6b3a76714b3f972d3cedd620] [BSC] RSL: Fix Channel
> > Identification IE in RSL CHAN ACT With this version it is NOT
> > possible to send SMS anymore.
> Hi, again!
> I tried to search which files are modified. I can confirm, that the
> release 694a5cfe062b49ac6b3a76714b3f972d3cedd620 introduced the problem.
> I just revert the changes of this release (file abis_rsl.c, function
> rsl_chan_activate_lchan) and I can send SMS again.
> Unfortunately, I don't know yet the GSM protocol so good, and I can't
> find the error.

Thanks a lot for your debugging so far.  It is very helpful to get
qualified bug reports.

> I send this E-Mail to indicate the problem, and I hope the person, who
> introduce this change will correct the problem.

That would be me.

What would be most helpful is two pcap files of the communication. One for
the working and one for the non-working case.

Specifically the RSL CHANNEL ACTIVATE meessage is most important in that

I think with the pcap it will be very easy to solve the problem.

And yes, I have your other mails, but the day only has 24 hours, sorry...
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