[BUG REPORT]: Unable to send SMS

Luca Bertoncello bertoncello at netzing.de
Mon Jun 28 10:15:58 CEST 2010

Am Wed, 23 Jun 2010 21:37:51 +0800
schrieb Holger Hans Peter Freyther <holger at freyther.de>:

> I am deeply sorry. I had an accidental commit and within an hour after
> noticing I have used git push --force to make it disappear. You must
> have pulled in between... This means that next time we will not use
> git push --force...
> You want to use 57da4471d1511e5456d67088e2c34b1799f08b9a as commit id
> which contains the same tree as the rev you tried to use before...
> happy bisecting

Hi, Holger and List!

last week I didn't had time enough to search for the "bad" version.
Now I did it...

I "bisected" the version between the known good and the last.
After 3 tries I found the version with the problem (or better: I hope!).

The last known working version is:
[4f8340939e631d0254c523e86e7b8be44d1dcf2c] bsc_api: Remove some more occurences of the lchan.

Now these two versions have problems:

[f3d8e92731dbdc05ed4214ab9ff2bbb9189f42ad] [BSC] introduce the concept of 'BTS features'
With this version OpenBSC crashes when the nanoBTS boots in OpenBSC.
DB: Database initialized.
DB: Database prepared.
<000d> input/ipaccess.c:632 accept()ed new OML link from
<0005> bsc_init.c:738 bootstrapping OML for BTS 0
<000d> input/ipaccess.c:694 accept()ed new RSL link from
<0004> bsc_init.c:924 bootstrapping RSL for BTS/TRX (0/0) on ARFCN 123 using MCC=1 MNC=1 LAC=1 CID=0 BSIC=63 TSC=7
Segmentation fault

[694a5cfe062b49ac6b3a76714b3f972d3cedd620] [BSC] RSL: Fix Channel Identification IE in RSL CHAN ACT
With this version it is NOT possible to send SMS anymore.

Of course, I can not be sure which ob both version introduce the
problem. I couldn't try the f3d8e92731dbdc05ed4214ab9ff2bbb9189f42ad.

Now I need your help again. How can I restrict the problem to the file
which introduce the SMS-bug?

Luca Bertoncello
Entwicklung                               Mail:  bertoncello at netzing.de 

NETZING Solutions AG                      Tel.:  0351/41381 - 0
Kesselsdorfer Str. 216, 01169 Dresden     Fax:   0351/41381 - 12
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