AW: Operation management in the MSC code

Andreas.Eversberg Andreas.Eversberg at
Tue Jun 15 09:43:02 CEST 2010

>1.) kill the transaction...
>2.) generalize it with the "operation". Right now we do have two
>operations, one for LU, one for AUTH, we should have them for USSD, SMS
>and CC as well.

hi holger,

the "transaction" represents the instance of calling party / called
party / sms sender / ... will the states of it be moved to the
"operation"? (e.g. call state, transaction_id, callref, protocol) in
this case the call control / sms must use "operation" instance instead.

i currently use "transaction" in osmocom-bb for call control and later
sms and supplementary services. i think that the sms code should be
re-usable in osmocom-bb, so the "operation" instance should be equal
(defined in libosmocore) and the sms function sould be available in
something like a "libsms", like the "libvty". note: osmocom-bb is at a
point where SMS could be sent and received, if a shared sms library
would be available.


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