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check if you selected the right timeslot for d-channel: use "dslot=1"
(old driver) or "layermask=0x02" (newer driver) when loading the
use "--debug=DMI" and loop your line (connect pin 1 to pin 4, and pin 2
to pin 5). do you get activation-message when looping? if not, be sure
to shift all jumpers toward the slot cover.
if you see the loop, but no activation-message after booting BS11 (takes
about 15 minutes), swap connector 1 and 2. one connector must be
connected to pin 1 and 2, and the other to pin 4 and 5.


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Hello there, 

finally, got nearly everything to work, but am unable to see the network
on my mobile and am getting this message when running bsc_hack with a
config file :

DB: Database initialized.
DB: Database prepared.
1 device found
        id:             0
        Dprotocols:     00000018
        Bprotocols:     0000000e
        protocol:       4
        nrbchan:        30
        name:           hfc-e1.1
activate bchan
activate bchan
<000c> trau_frame.c:116 can't decode unknown TRAU Frame Type 0x00

Thank in advance

Ihab el Bakri 

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