GPS calculation source code

Christian Vogel vogelchr at
Sun Dec 12 22:06:48 CET 2010

Hi Dieter,

> Interesting device, I wasn't aware of it (I know about the book).
> Is the Source Code of the book available ? So far I have only
> seen some material for download at the following site, not sure
> if there is the whole content of the DVD:

The (blue) receiver is the old dongle sold by SparkFun during
the last years. I only remember from visiting their website, but
don't own one. I don't know if the DVD contains more than
the matlab code that can be downloaded.

>> There's actually quite a lot of information out there,
>> but there also seem to be quite a lot of half-abandoned
>> projects (and a few seem to have vanished since the last time I had
>> an interest in it around 2005).

This site (from 2003)...
...explains the calculation in the "Operations" section, it's
a rather concise summary of the basic math involved.

> I had a short look at some but always had the impression that
> it is not exactly what I am looking for. I guess I should try
> to get a GPS receiver which provides the required data, thats
> probably the easiest approach. has a table comparing
various chipsets, some are quite ancient.


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