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Quoting "Andreas.Eversberg" <Andreas.Eversberg at>:

hye andreas,

> output of "misdn_info"

Found 2 ports
   Port  0 'mISDN_l1loop.1':  TE/NT-mode PRI E1  (for phone lines & E1 devices)
                              30 B-channels: 1-15 17-31
                                 B-protocols: RAW HDLC X75slp
   Port  1 'mISDN_l1loop.2':  TE/NT-mode PRI E1  (for phone lines & E1 devices)
                              30 B-channels: 1-15 17-31
                                 B-protocols: RAW HDLC X75slp

> /usr/local/lcr/interface.conf

# The MSN numbers will equal the subscriber number.
layer1hold no
layer2hold no
tones yes
earlyb no
channel-in free
channel-out any

# Hint: Enter "lcr interface" for quick help on interface options.

# Add your interfaces here:

portnum 0

msn 200,201,202,203
portnum 1

> /usr/local/lcr/openbsc.cfg (or whatever your config file name is   
> defined in gsm.conf)

! OpenBSC configuration saved from vty
password foo
line vty
  no login
  network country code 1
  mobile network code 1
  short name OpenBSC
  long name OpenBSC
  timer t3101 10
  timer t3113 60
  bts 0
   type nanobts
   ip.access unit_id 1801 0
   band GSM1800
   location_area_code 1
   training_sequence_code 7
   base_station_id_code 63
   trx 0
    arfcn 514
    max_power_red 20
     timeslot 0
      phys_chan_config CCCH+SDCCH4
     timeslot 1
      phys_chan_config SDCCH8
     timeslot 2
      phys_chan_config TCH/F
     timeslot 3
      phys_chan_config TCH/F
     timeslot 4
      phys_chan_config TCH/F
     timeslot 5
      phys_chan_config TCH/F
     timeslot 6
      phys_chan_config TCH/H
     timeslot 7
      phys_chan_config TCH/H

and here is the content of the /usr/local/lcr/gsm.conf

# LCR GSM options

# Enable debugging of OpenBSC library.
# Refer to OpenBSC project for debugging options.
# By default, debugging is turned off.

# Two Loopback interfaces for audio transfer between OpenBSC and mISDN.
# The first interface must provide B-channelis for each call mobile call.
# The seond interface links them to LCR.
# Use 30 B-channels unless you need more due to many TRXs.
# -> Load with: "modprobe mISDN_l1loop pri=1 nchannel=30"
# By default "mISDN_l1loop.1" and "mISDN_l1loop.2" is used.
#interface-bsc mISDN_l1loop.1
#interface-lcr mISDN_l1loop.2

# Give openbsc.cnf config file
# It will be located at /usr/local/lcr by default.
config /opt/openbsc/src/openbsc.cfg

# Give database of Home Location Register (HLR)
# HLR stores all subscribers. It will be used to grant access to the network.
# It is an Sqlite3 database. Refer to OpenBSC project for handling.
# The database is located at /usr/local/lcr by default.
hlr /opt/openbsc/src/hlr.sqlite

# To keep layer 2 connection to BS11 when quitting, use this option.
# It is only usefull for developing. TRX will stay on.
# Also changes in frequency, mcc, mnc, lac while keeping layer 2 will cause
# malefunction of BSC.
# Warning: Keeping layer 2 link may prevent emergency calls. (See below)

# Shutdown on emergency calls:
# This option will prevent a shutdown if an emergency call is received. In
# case of an emergency, a mobile phone may log onto you GSM network and may
# use it to set up an emergency call.
# The received emergency call will have 'emergency' as dialed number. But this
# number can't be dialed on PSTN networks without chaning.
# If you disable shutdown, be sure to provide routing of emergency calls to
# emergency facility. If you can't do that, don't touch it!

# Write BTS-Link traffic to PCAP file.
#pcapfile pcap

> it seems that you hook twice on some interface. are you using   
> asterisk also (in conjunction with chan_lcr)?

yes i'm using it also

> regards,
> andreas
> p.s. please discuss this in the mailing list (see   
>, so other users may have the same problems in   
> the future. there are not many installations with LCR and openbsc.
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> Betreff: running lcr with openbsc and nanoBTS
> Quoting "Andreas.Eversberg" <Andreas.Eversberg at>:
> hye Andreas,
> i'm trying to get lcr working with openbsc and nanoBTS. To be able to
> come through this i have some questions:
> First when i start lcr i have the following following error-informations:
> ** LCR  Version 1.7
> DB: Database initialized.
> DB: Database prepared.
> ERROR Port 1 already in use by LCR. You can't use a NT port multiple times.
> LCR 1.7 started, waiting for calls...
> ERROR (in main() line 447) LCR was stalling 2.25 seconds
> but lcr seems to work actually. Is that the normal way it works or it
> there something wrong? I have nothing else running on LCR.
> When i then try to set a call, lcr break out with the following information:
> layer3_thread read socket error No space left on device
> I don't known how many space is needed therefore, or in which folder
> or directory this space should be available. But the drive is quite
> empty. there is so much space available on it!
> Also can you send me an example of a working dialplan and sip.conf to
> enable the routing of gsm calls??
> thanks and best regards!!
> --
> Fabrice Ismael Poundeu Tchouatieu
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