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Harald Welte laforge at gnumonks.org
Mon Jul 27 19:59:01 CEST 2009

On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 10:02:42AM +0200, Andreas.Eversberg wrote:

> i am looking forward to be at 26C3. i doubt that we can get a frequency
> for a test network on the 900 band, because all frequencies are assigned
> to GSM operators. therefore only nanoBTS1800 can be run legaly with a
> test license of "bundesnetzagentur". 

There is still the option of finding a GSM900 operator to allow us to use
some of their ARFCN's - but given that the 26C3 happens at Alexanderplatz
in central berlin, I think they cannot do that without actually disabling
some of their own TRX's in that region, i.e. without severe impact to their
own network - which they will never do.  Nonetheless, we can ask.

I think we might be able to use holger + dieter + my nanoBTS 1800 at 26C3,
maybe something like one on each floor. 

> currently the application interface does not support audio streams of the
> nanoBTS, so other networks (ISDN/DECT/SIP) cannot be connected yet. 

yes, I'm aware of that.

> i would like to finish audio processing for nanoBTS. can you provide me with
> some pcap files? a short complete call (few seconds) of one rtp session
> (including setup, some spoken words, and termination) would help. 

I will prepare this for you, no problem.  I have the equipment with me and will
probably send another mail later tonight.

> also the call must be made with full rate codec, so i can test the playload
> on the GSM codec i have. (not the enhanced full rate codec)

of course.

One thing that comes into my mind is that the entire TRAU frame handling (and
nanoBTS RTP media handling) should be moved into its own 'media gateway'
process.  It would be great if you feel like doing this conversion, too.

I think once the split is implemented, the MNCC interface to the media gateway
process will inevitably be more general (i.e. less E1 specific).  Adding
MNCC/application support for the nanoBTS would probably be easy at that point.

Running OpenBSC with BS-11 and nanoBTS at the same time should also be
possible at that point, since the media gateway would already be able to do
input and output of both TRAU frames and RTP.

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