GSM license approval for HAR2009

Stefan Schmidt stefan at
Wed Jul 22 18:32:28 CEST 2009


On Wed, 2009-07-22 at 17:38, Harald Welte wrote:
> We have just received regulatory approval for four ARFCN in the GSM900 band
> during HAR2009.  The Power on each ARFCN for BTS and MS is restricted to 100mW.
> There are also some GSM1800 ARFCN's that we can use with up to 200mW, though
> I don't yet know their values and how many.

Great news. It worked out finally.

> It would be great to know which other OpenBSC users/hackers will be present
> at the event.  As there are multiple things that I'm planning to do at HAR2009,
> I would be happy about any help that I might get from you guys.

Daniel, Jan and me will also be there. We already have our cards so the problem
with sold out cards did not catch us. I can only speak for myself, but I would
bet Jan and Daniel are thinking along the same lines, we would be happy to help

> Basically there will be
> * A 'stable' GSM network with BS-11 and OpenBSC for people to test
>   their phone interoperability with OpenBSC by making/receiving calls and
>   SMS.

Great. Covering the whole event with an official GSM network should give us a
lot of fun. :)

> * A nanoBTS1800 for use by OpenBSC hackers only to test/fix OpenBSC stuff
>   before putting it on the BS-11 'stable' network
> * work on airprobe.
> Especially for the 'stable' network, there is a lot of help required, among
> others:
> * physical setup of the BS-11

When do you plan to do this? We haven't settled for final dates yet, but planned
to be around from 12. - 17. Daniel and I should be able to be there earlier. I
would think it would make sense to get the physical infrastructure in place
before most of the people arrive. 10. - 11. for physical software setup sounds
like a good idea to me. That should give us enough time to have it running
stable from 12. to 16.

What about tents, tables, chairs, etc? Is this something we get from the orga or
should organise ourself? I may be able to arrange a big tent plus some tables
and banks. Taking into account that I would need to ask and we have the
transportation proplem I would prefer equipment already at the destination.

> * registration of mobile phones into the network. It would probably be good
>   to have a setup where people can plug their SIM into a SIM card reader
>   (or phone that can read the IMSI).  We can then create the SQL entry with
>   their IMSI and extension.

Maybe some pre-registration over a website which feeds the IMSI into the db and
assigns a number? It would help to spread the load of register 3000 IMSIs during
the event. :) On the other hand it would drain time now. Anyway, I volunteer to
help out dealing with people at the event.

Hmm, another idea pops up into my mind right now. Any chance we can get a big
bunch of pre paid SIMs without money on the account? If we would get some 100s
of them we could prepare them in advance and just hand out to the people.

> * making sure the network runs and OpenBSC / hfcmulti gets restarted in case
>   something hangs.

Should be the job for the same people running the GOC (GSM Operating Center) ;)

I've seen on the wiki side that you will bring two BS-11 for the stable network.
Do you think that are enough, or should Daniel bring his one as well. (Not that
I could stop him putting _everything_ into the car for the event.)

Stefan Schmidt

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