Open5GS Traffic Accounting

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+1 to Harald. Doing traffic accounting at the PGW and then reporting these statistics over Diameter is probably the most architecturally correct way to do this. I'm definitely a fan of using IPTables for this kind of stuff, since it’s all just packets anyways.

For our networks, we wrote a completely separate tool called haulage ( that uses IPTables and does something very similar. Basically logs packets that are forwarded from the virtual interface, draws them down against a user’s prepaid quota, and cuts them off when they hit zero. We wrote this as a separate app (in go) mainly to keep things simpler and let us move faster.


> On Mar 11, 2020, at 09:26, <david at> <david at> wrote:
> Sorry yeah I meant the EPC.  I am not sure if the Open5GS software supports
> it but Freediameter would be the Accounting portion in AAA from what I can
> tell.  
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> Hi David,
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>> Freediameter should be able to provide accounting so long as the ENB
> supports it.
> in which way is the eNB involved in traffic accounting in LTE?  
> Normally, AFAICT, accounting is implemented within the P-GW, potentially
> interacting via Radios/Diameter or some other protocol with some external
> entity that decides whether or not there is credit/budget remaining or not.
> If not, the PGW would stop firwarding packets of the related
> session/subscriber.
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