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Romeu Medeiros medeiros at medeiros.eng.br
Tue Mar 10 23:15:01 UTC 2020

Hello all and @Sukchan Lee <acetcom at gmail.com>,

I was thinking about one way to generate traffic accounting from the LTE
users of the Open5GS.

I'm rearching something using the iptables (in Linux), in this link we can
check a way to generate some traffic account in the linux:

I'm thinking about writing a code, where the PGW adds a new line in
iptables with the IP/IPv6 address (TRAFFIC_ACCT_IN and TRAFFIC_ACCT_OUT)
when a new session is added and remove the same line when the session is
ended, with this the counter will restart, being able to use an external
program to get this information about the traffic sent and received by a
given user.

The bad from this idea is that this code only will work correctly in a
Linux box.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?


Romeu Medeiros
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