Get all debug info possible

Rafael Diniz rafael at
Fri Feb 28 17:52:44 UTC 2020

Thanks Spencer!

I'm willing if I should use the "-e", "-m", "-d" and "-t" in the systemd
open5gs-* service files for a more verbose output.


On 2/28/20 1:40 PM, Spencer Sevilla wrote:
> Hi Juba!
> If open5gs is running as a systemd service (the default if you installed with apt-get) you should use journalctl. The relevant systemd service names are open5gs-hssd, open5gs-mmed, open5gs-sgwd, open5gs-pgwd, and open5gs-pcrfd. If you built them from source, they will output all information in the terminal window you’re running them in, and will also write to log files located in {installation_directory}/var/log/open5gs/.
> To see all the journalctl logs in one terminal: “sudo journalctl -f -u open5gs-hssd -u open5gs-mmed -u open5gs-pgwd -u open5gs-sgwd -u open5gs-pcrfd"
>> On Feb 28, 2020, at 06:58, Rafael Diniz <rafael at> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Which cmd line should I use to get all the debug information possible
>> from the EPC components?
>> Thanks,
>> Rafael Diniz

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