Which repository to use for a 4G development

Rafael Diniz rafael at rhizomatica.org
Sat Feb 1 21:08:05 UTC 2020

Just a note: I noticed there is a package repository for Debian 10, but
the package depends on mongodb package, which is not existent in Debian
10 repository.

Which mongodb version is recommended by Open5GS?


On 1/17/20 1:22 AM, Rafael Diniz wrote:
> Hi Spencer!
> Thanks for all the information! I'm happy to see colte using Open5Gs too!
> And big gratitude to Sukchan (I read your other email, tks) for
> providing such good EPC implementation.
> Cheers,
> Rafael
> On 1/16/20 7:26 PM, Spencer Sevilla wrote:
>> Hi Juba! Long time no see!
>> Sukchan recently renamed the project to Open5Gs. Use the master branch
>> of https://github.com/open5gs/open5gs and there’s a great guide to
>> building from source
>> here: https://open5gs.org/open5gs/docs/guide/02-building-open5gs-from-sources/.
>> The docs in general can be found at https://open5gs.org/open5gs/docs/.
>> If you run into issues, the GitHub Issues page is where a lot of the
>> discussion currently takes place. Feel free to reach out to me
>> directly if you hit any snags. Also, you should know that I’ve moved
>> all my deployments over from OAI, and have been much, much happier
>> with Open5Gs. Hoping to finish the colte integration soon and will
>> email you at that time :-)
>> Take care!
>> Spencer
>>> On Jan 16, 2020, at 13:11, Rafael Diniz <rafael at rhizomatica.org
>>> <mailto:rafael at rhizomatica.org>> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Which repository should I look for to get the most stable NextEPC for a
>>> real-world LTE deploying?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Rafael

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