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Wed Jul 10 16:38:20 UTC 2019

Hi Silke,

Good to see you here on the list! :)
I am also quite new here, because although I worked once on some core network stuff some years ago I just signed up for this list yesterday.

I think, as far as I remember the only virtual UE implementation I saw came from EURECOM/openAirInterface.

Maybe that is something worth checking out.
Otherwise a fake UE can be implemented even in Python with the help of libmich/pycrate I think.

I am still new in thr area of available open-source core networks. I know that a very lightweight and compact package is offeted by srsEPC - although it probably does not have the S8 interface you require. I need to have a closer look at nextEPC to see how exactly it looks like, so I won’t talk about that now.

Wish you good luck!

(the guy from P3 ;) )

2019. júl. 10. dátummal, 10:21 időpontban Holtmanns, Silke (Nokia - FI/Espoo) <silke.holtmanns at> írta:

> Hi,
> I’m part of security research and we are mainly interested in the core network part and not on the UE part.
> What we want to do is have a PGW which has some the EPC “machinery” behind to get a TEID and have MME, HSS, SGW initialized and some not real UEs i.e. the fake UEs would sit in or next to the eNB.
> In the end we are interested in plugging this EPC next to a real one with a real S8 connection.
> We do not need real internet connection for the “fake UE” and user plane is also not that important for us.
> So how can we get a “fake UE” into the eNB, so that is makes all the protocol runs for data communication set-up.
> Any hints?
> Greetings silke
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