OCS interface/NB-IoT support

Daniel Feferman dlfeferman at gmail.com
Thu Jul 4 12:55:46 UTC 2019

First of all congrats for the work, I've been testing over this week and it
has been really nice to stress it. I have two questions:

1- It would be really nice to see an OCS integration, is it possible to
connect the PCRF and PGW with it? I believe this would be done by a
127.0.0.X IP, right? Is this something simple to implement? It would be
nice to check the support to OCS

2- I believe you are developing NB-IoT support as part of your roadmap,
what are the main challenges you see in this task? Is it just programming
the messages of NB-IoT? Or is it something else? I can try to help you with
this task.

Best regards,


de vírus. www.avast.com
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