OsmocomDECT for Fritzbox router

Thomas Schmiedl thomas.schmiedl at web.de
Wed Mar 11 18:41:45 UTC 2015


would it be possible to use OsmocomDECT with the Fritzbox router? I try 
to extend my router Fritzbox 7312 with an application called 
"Callmonitor" (http://freetz.org/wiki/packages/callmonitor; sorry german 
only), which has a reverse-search (via internet-telephone-books) to 
query the name of the caller (query by caller's phone number). I want to 
transfer this name to my DECT cordless phone. Unfortunately, the 
manufacturer of the router, AVM in Berlin, does not provide any 
information about DECT (closed-source). Thanks for the reply.

Best regards,

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