Dectmon only recording data partially?

Erik Tews e_tews at
Mon Nov 15 14:29:15 UTC 2010

Am Montag, den 15.11.2010, 15:25 +0100 schrieb Erik Tews:
> Am Montag, den 15.11.2010, 15:14 +0100 schrieb Patrick McHardy:
> > Indeed, the multi-frame resync timer has timed out (mfn:9, max is 8).
> > It seems it didn't receive a valid tail message over the entire
> > previous period, judging by the log. I'd guess that the transceiver
> > has drifted off too much. You should be able to see that by watching
> > the output of dect-transceiver-list for the slot in question.
> > 
> > Does locking to that PF work if you don't use monitor mode? 
> I will check that.
> One strange thing, while scanning, I get a lot of messages with:
> identities information: e: 0 class: 0 emc: ....
> So my kernel finds a lot of PPs around it, but the Fritzbox is in the
> same room, only a few meters away, and it takes a minute or more until
> the Fritzbox pops up here.
> As I understand the code at the moment, during the initial scan for the
> FP, the timing of the transmitter doesn't really matter. So we might
> assume that it is not a timing-problem which is responseable for this
> effect?

OK, so even without the monitor flag. my PC is now scanning for the FP
since multiple minutes. So I assume that the problem is not related to
the monitor flag.
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