Dectmon only recording data partially?

Erik Tews e_tews at
Sun Nov 14 13:15:21 UTC 2010

Am Sonntag, den 14.11.2010, 14:10 +0100 schrieb Patrick McHardy:
> BTW:
> > netlink: message group: 4
> > netlink: FPC:
> full_slot,page_repetition,basic_a_field_setup,in_min_delay
> > netlink: HLC:
> adpcm_g721_voice,gap_pap_basic_speech,standard_authentication,location_registration
> It seems your FP doesn't support ciphering, so its possible that it
> doesn't broadcast the multi-frame number, which my stack expects.
> It shouldn't have locked to the FP in that case though.
> Perhaps the FP broadcasts the MFN at a lesser frequency than defined
> in the standard - if the stack doesn't receive the MFN at least every
> 8 multiframes (T216), it unlocks from the FP.

Well, I tried the base station of my AS150 phone, where I am not sure if
it supports ciphering, I guess it doesn't support ciphering.

However, I tried my Fritzbox 7270 too, which definitely supports
ciphering. I will try again with my Fritzbox.
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