Few questions about Osmo-GMR

Anton Minchev tonisoft at optisprint.net
Tue Nov 10 14:48:05 UTC 2020

  Hello ,
last week i worked with osmo-gmr projest ,but still have some questions:

1. I need some more info about S band GMR - what sat is this , az / el , 
what trafic etc.

2. About gmr1 ambe decode - i tried about dozens of .dat files from gmr1 
rx live  , some give me ! codec errors , some not , but all .wav audio 
files are scrambled ,speesh is not recognized at all .. is there some 
clear traffic at all, or all is A5/2 coded ?

3. If all is scrambled where i may find offline tables / H n matrix/,any 
source that may generate them ? And if i have tables how they will be 
integrated with existing osmo-gmr ? I see gmr1_gen_mat that generates 
G/g matrix .. some more info about that .. .G and .g files seems so 
small ..

Thanks in advance !

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