Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 20:32:44 UTC 2020


> [ 52%] Building CXX object lib/CMakeFiles/gnuradio-gmr1.dir/gsmtap_sink_impl.cc.o
> /home/peter/Radio/Thuraya/sylvain-gr/osmo-gmr/gr-gmr1/lib/gsmtap_sink_impl.cc: In constructor ‘gr::gmr1::gsmtap_sink_impl::gsmtap_sink_impl(const string&, uint16_t)’:
> /home/peter/Radio/Thuraya/sylvain-gr/osmo-gmr/gr-gmr1/lib/gsmtap_sink_impl.cc:58:27: error: ‘PDU_PORT_ID’ was not declared in this scope
>   message_port_register_in(PDU_PORT_ID);
>                            ^~~~~~~~~~~

PDU_PORT_ID is supposed to be provided by gnuradio. Either your
version is too old and doesn't have it yet ... or maybe it's too new
and that symbol has been removed. Or maybe an include is missing ...
At least in 3.7.9 it's there : http://aws.pabut.org/gnuradio/pdu_8h.html#Macros

> /home/peter/Radio/Thuraya/sylvain-gr/osmo-gmr/gr-gmr1/lib/gsmtap_sink_impl.cc: In member function ‘void gr::gmr1::gsmtap_sink_impl::send_pdu(pmt::pmt_t)’:
> /home/peter/Radio/Thuraya/sylvain-gr/osmo-gmr/gr-gmr1/lib/gsmtap_sink_impl.cc:94:2: error: invalid conversion from ‘const uint8_t* {aka const unsigned char*}’ to ‘uint8_t {aka unsigned char}’ [-fpermissive]
>   ));
>   ^
> /home/peter/Radio/Thuraya/sylvain-gr/osmo-gmr/gr-gmr1/lib/gsmtap_sink_impl.cc:94:2: error: invalid conversion from ‘size_t {aka long unsigned int}’ to ‘const uint8_t* {aka const unsigned char*}’ [-fpermissive]
> /home/peter/Radio/Thuraya/sylvain-gr/osmo-gmr/gr-gmr1/lib/gsmtap_sink_impl.cc:94:2: error: too few arguments to function ‘msgb* gmr1_gsmtap_makemsg(uint8_t, uint16_t, uint32_t, uint8_t, const uint8_t*, int)’
> In file included from /home/peter/Radio/Thuraya/sylvain-gr/osmo-gmr/gr-gmr1/lib/gsmtap_sink_impl.cc:34:0:
> /home/peter/Radio/Thuraya/sylvain-gr/osmo-gmr/gr-gmr1/../include/osmocom/gmr1/gsmtap.h:36:14: note: declared here
>  struct msgb *gmr1_gsmtap_makemsg(
>               ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Yeah, there might have been some changes not propagated everywhere ...
just look at the function being called and how it's meant to be
called, fix should be obvious.

The content of that branch will definitly require you to dig into
stuff, it's _far_ from being a turn-key solution ... more like a kit.
And I haven't run it in a while ... (don't even have gnuradio
installed ATM, especially not GR 3.7 ...)



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