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Wed Oct 2 10:01:23 UTC 2019


> What is the way  to follow both ARFCN ? I didn't find the ./gmr_multi_rx
> utility on git (wiki says :
./gmr_multi_rx --gmr1-dl 941 942 -a RX2 -S B:0 -T 10
> gmr_multi_rx has been deprecated for a while. I don't think it even works
with GR 3.7 at all ...

I'd suggest you look into the new script.

But Other than that, yeah, your old command line looks good from what I

> -is kc extrat the same way as gr-gsm with rainbow tables ?
No, method is purely algebraic since the cipher can be linearized.
Please refer to my 31C3 talk for the details :


    Sylvain Munaut,

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