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Wed Mar 5 07:41:47 UTC 2014

Hi All,

After long long struggle, I have successfully installed OsmocomGmr.
For ease of others, I want to share my experience,

My OS is Ubuntu - 12.04 

I have find following link for gnuRadio installation, it is very well written document.

This document guided me how to install UHD / GNU Radio and other stuff in 6 step.

Software Installed are :

UHD               :    release_003_005_002
GNU Radio     :    gnuradio-

After Installation, I tested the connectivity of uhd / gnuRadio by following utilities:

    1.  uhd_find_devices
    2.  uhd_usrp_probe
    3.  gnuradio-config-info -v

For testing of input signal I used uhd_fft utility, Signals were coming.

I have usrp2 so i used following command for signal reception:

 ./gmr_multi_rx --gmr1-dl 802 -P /home/zia/Desktop/ --addr=type=usrp2  -a RX2 -S A:0 -T 10


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